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Image by Carlos Coronado

Drums & Percussion

Explore our extensive selection of rental options, from drum kits to percussion and orchestral instruments, perfect for enhancing any musical arrangement or event. Elevate your sound with our top-quality equipment tailored to meet your every rhythmic need.

Drum Kits

Snare Drums


DDrum Reflex 14”x5” Adler Blue


DW Collectores the Edge 14”x6” Broken Glass

DW Collectors Maple 14”x5.5” Natural

DW Collectors Maple 14”x5.5” Natural

DW Collectors Maple 14”x5.5” Natural

DW Performance Metal 14”x8”

DW Performance White 14”x6.5”


Gretsch Catalina Club 14”x5.5”

Gretsch Catalina Maple 14”x6.5” Burgundy

Gretsch Renown Maple 14”x5.5”


Ludwig Black Beauty 14”x5.5”

Ludwig Black Beauty 14”x6.5” 

Ludwig Brass 14”x6.5”

Ludwig Copperphonic 14”x7”

Ludwig Supraphonic 14”x6.5” Chrome


Pacific Chrome 13”x4”


Pearl Chad Smith Metal Snare 14”x5.5”

Pearl Firecracker 10”x5.5” Poplar Black

Pearl Firecracker 12”x5.5” Poplar Black

Pearl Masters Maple 14”x6.5” Natural

Pearl Masters Studio Birch 14”x6.5” Natural

Pearl Piccolo 13”x4” Black

Pearl SST Limited Edition 14”x6.5”

Pork Pie

Pork Pie Bubinga 14”x7”

Pork Pie Little Squealer 13”x7.5” Black

Pork Pie Maple Snare 14”x5.5”


Tama Starclasssic Maple 14”x6.5” Red


Taye Studio Maple 14”x5.5” Black


Yamaha Brass 14”x3” Japan

Yamaha Custom Copper Snare 14”x6.5”

Yamaha Live Custom Oak 14”x5.5” Green

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 14”x 5.5”

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 14”x3” Natural

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 14”x5.5” Natural

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 14”x6.5” Natural

Yamaha Stage Custom 14”x5.5” Birch Black

Percussion // Acoustic


Rythm Tech Half Moon Tambourine (4)

LP Mountable Tambourine (3)

Meinl Mountable Tambourine (1)

LP Wand Tambourine (2)


LP Timbale Cowbell (2)

LP Mambo Cowbell (2)

LP Salsa Cowbell (2)

LP Salsa Timbale Cowbell (2)

LP Rock Ridge Cowbell (1)

LP 50th Anniversary Golden Black Beauty Cowbell (1)

LP Aspire Cowbell Small (3)

Jam Blocks:

LP Orange Jam Block (1)

LP Red Jam Block (2)

LP Blue Jam Block (1)

LP Purple Jam Block (1)

LP Black Jam Block (1)

Meinl Jam Block (1)

Mounts and Stands:

LP Everything Rack (1)

LP Bass Drum Cowbell Mount (3)

DW Bass Drum Cowbell Mount (1)

LP X Mount (4)

LP Double Rack Mount (3)

LP Gajate Cowbell Mount (1)

DW Timbale Stands (2)

LP Agogo Mounts (2)

LP Rolling Cradle (5)

LP Stationary Cradle (2)

DW Timbale Stands (2)

LP Percussion Table (5)

Pearl Percussion Table (1)

Gibraltor Percussion Table (1)

Meinl Doumdek Stand (2)

Toca Timbale Stand (2)

DW Bongo Stand (1)


LP Chimes Single Row (2)

LP Chimes Double Row (2)

Treeworks Single Row Chimes (2)


LP Plastic Maracas (2 sets)

LP Wood Maracas (1 set)

Rythm Tech Plastic Maracas (1 set)


Small LP Double Black Shakers (2 sets)

Small LP Double Blue Shakers (1 sets)

Rythm Tech Studio Shaker - Black (1)

Rythm Tech Live Shaker - Blue (2)

LP Shake It Shaker (2)


LP Claves Wood (2 sets)

LP King Claves (2)


LP Aspire Cajon (1)

LP Black Cajon (1)

LP Slant Faced Cajon (1)


LP Tito Puente Timbales - 13",14" set (1)

LP Tito Puente Timbales - 14",15" set (1)

Gon Bop Timbales - 14",15" set (1)


LP Giovanni Galaxy Conga - 11.75" (2)

LP Giovanni Galaxy Tumba - 12.50" (2)

Gon Bops Conga - 11.75" (1)

Toca Conga (2)


LP Galaxy Series Bongos w/stands (2)

LP Giovanni Galaxy Requinto - 9.75" (1)

LP Giovanni Galaxy Quinto - 11" (2)

Gon Bops Bongos (1)

LP Matador Bongos (1)

LP Performer Bongos (1)

Other Percussion Instruments:

Small LP Quica (1)

LP Guiro - Plastic (1)

LP Guira - Metal (1)

LP Cabasa (2)

LP Shekere (1)

LP Agogo Bells (2)

LP Vibra Slap (3)

LP Hand Held Bell Tree (1)

LP Wand Castanets (1)

LP Sleigh Wand (2)

Small LP Sleigh Wand (1)

Rythm Tech Plastic Maracas (1 set)

Meinl Gunz Wood (1)

LP Triangle (2)

LP Perc Bell (1)

Sabian Alu Bell (1)

Gibraltar Small Mountable Percussion Table (3)

Meinl Doumbek (2)

Meinl Durbuka (1)

LP Timbau (1)

LP Rebolo (1)

Toca Tumba (2)

LP Timbale Mountable 12" (1)

Toca Timbales Brass - 14",15" set (1)

Toca Timbales Chrome - 14",15" set  (1)

Percussion // Electric


Roland Octapad SPD-30

Roland BT-1 BarTrigger Pad

Roland KD-7 Kick Pad

Roland KD-9 Electronic Drum Kick Pad (2)

Roland PD-8 V-Pad (2)

Roland PD-9 V-Pad (2)

Roland PD120 Drum Pad (mesh)

Roland RT‑10T Acoustic Tom Trigger (6)

Roland RT-10K Kick Trigger

Roland RT-30H Dual Tom/Snare Trigger

Roland SPD Drum Pad

Roland SPD-SX Drum Pad

Roland TM-2 Trigger Module

Roland V-Drum TD-20 Module

Orchestral Percussion

Ludwig Timpani 26" and 29"

Musser M55 Vibraphone

Yamaha Marimba

Orchestra Bells (Glockenspiel)

Concert Bass Drum



Image by Carlos Coronado
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