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Backline headquarters Livermore industrial building


When should I be reserving Equipment for my event?
In most cases we suggest reserving gear at least two months in advance to make sure we have availability.


Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, cash and company checks. If you are a new customer we may require a deposit to reserve your equipment.


Do you provide delivery services?
Yes we specialize in delivery services and help in setting up your backline. We're available for one-off engagements to extended tours.


Can you provide a backline technician for my event?
Yes, for an additional fee we can provide a qualified backline technician to work your event.


Am I responsible for damaged equipment?
All gear is tested in our warehouse before going out on rental. You are responsible for any damages while in your possession.


If a piece of gear gets stolen during my rental am I responsible?
Yes, once you take possession of any equipment from us you are responsible for full replacement value of that gear.

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